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Inspection Equipments

Lapping PLATE (MTC-513)
Lapping Plates are made from close grained cast iron in round as well as in square pattern. Serrations are 3mm wide, spaced 25mm approx. Hardness - 200 BHN. These are

Used to lap wide range of materials like hand lapping of nylon, plastic, ceramics and other non ferrous materials.

Accuracy: -0.004mm/300mm.

Available in sizes: 100, 200, 250, 300, 400 and 450mm and square.

Cast Iron Lapping Plates (As Per IS: 2285-2003 )
ROUND (m.m.)
SQUARE (m.m.)
300 X 450
450 X 60
600 X 600


600 X 900


1000 X 1000


Granite Lapping Plates (As Per IS: 7327-2003)
ROUND (m.m.)
SQUARE (m.m.)
400 X 400
400 X 630
630 X 630


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