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Inspection Equipments

Wheel Balancing Stand Roller Type

Technical Details

Made out of Cast Iron
Made out of good quality case hardennig steel (HRC 58-60) and precision ground.
1) 400 mm
2) 800 mm Maximum Wheel Diameter

(While ordering, please specify maximum wheel dia. required.)


Sine Bench Centre

Technical Details: 

The top and bottom plates and centre blocks are manufactured out of heavy duty close grained cast iron having BH 190-21O.

These castings are stress relieved after rough machining before finish machining.   Finally these are fine finish ground/hand scraped to give the required degree of accuracy.

The roller and slip gauge platform are manufactured out of Chrome alloy steel hardened to RC 58-60.

These are stabilized after rough grinding before finish ground and finally fine finish ground/lapped to get the required degree of accuracy.

Sine Bench Centres are manufactured in accordance with IS : 5979-1970 with regard to workmanship, accuracy, and finish and are guaranteed.

Roller & Shaft :
Diameter Circularity Taper
Maintained within 0.002 mm
Centre Distance Roller & Shaft
Maintained within + 0.005 mm
Work Table Parallelity of Slip Gauge Platform to the bottom Surface of the Base 
Maintained within + 0.005 mm
Work Table Parallelism to the bottom surface of the Base    
Maintained within + 0.005 mm

Co-axiality of Centres

Verticle Plane
Horizontal Plane
Angular Accuracy
Maintained within + 0.005 mm
Height of Centres
100 or 150
Centre Distance
300 (max)

Roller Distance



Overall Dimensions

L x B

500 x 210

Base Height



Centre Blocks Height


125or 175

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