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Power Operated Chucks

Elements of Power Chucking System
Power chucking system consists:
  • Power chuck
  • Power source an actuating source i.e. Rpotating Hydraulic / Pneumatic Cylinder or Electromechanical device
  • Draw bar or draw pipe connecting chuck to power source
    (Item b and c are not required in the case of self-contained chucks)

The chuck is mounted at the front end and the hydraulic/ Pneumatic cylinder or electro-mechanical actuating device is mounted at the rear end of the headstock spindle of the lathe. The chuck and cylinder/actuator are connected to each other by a draw bar on draw pipe.

The cylinder is connected to two pressure pipes, eash supplying oil under pressure or compressed air to each of the two chambers of the cylinder. The cylinder piston exerts pull of push force when oil or air is fed to the two chambers of the cylinder via a control valve. in case of Hydraulic Cylinders, a drainpipe is also connected to the cylinder to return the leakage oil to the reservoir. Electro-mechanical actuator has an in-built three phase tapered brake motor, the rotary motion of which is converted into axial motion by a set of planetary gears to push or pull the draw bar/ pipe at the required operating force. Schematic arrangement of Hydraulic and Pneumatic operation is shown in figures G1 and G2.

Generally, Open Centre Chuck (Model WH) is used with an Open Centre Hollow Cylinder (Model HOH) for free passage of bar stock through the spindle. However, WH chucks can also be used with Closed Centre Cylinders to accommodate short length bar stock. The following illustrations show a few combinations of chucks and cylinders.

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