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Micro Boring and Facing Heads

Facing Heads

500 Facing operation is started by pressing the retaining pin. By doing so, the feed control collar is coupled with the retaining ring, the rotation of which is arrested by the stop rod. Each of the 12 pressed in push buttons provide a feed of 0.02mm (0.008") per revolution. The pre-set stop, upon reaching the stop pin, automatically disengages the cross feed. Rapid return is effected manually by the quick - setting screw with the aid of T-Wretch. For cylindrical turning or boring, the work diameter is set by means of quick setting screw in conjunction with the graduated fine-setting screw. After setting, the slide should be locked in position. Taper turning and taper threading can be carried by engagir the cross feed of the head in conjunction with the axial feed of the machine spindle.

When threading on machines with lead screws, the threading Tool is moved out by means of the fine setting screws and retracted by reversing the machine.

260 Facing operation is started by pressing the feed button. The self-actir cross feed is actuated by rotating the head and stopping the retaining ring with the stc rod. By means of an adjustable stop the cross slide is set for any desired travel. Upon reaching this stop, the cross slide is automatically disengaged. Whilst the spindle continues rotating the button for return movement is pressed causing the slide to return at ten times the facing feed, to its starting position as fixed by a second stop. Coarse or fine settings for cylindrical turning and boring are performed by means of the graduated collar. The slide maybe locked. Taper turning is effected by combining the cross feed of the head with axial feed of the machine.

162 This head is for boring, facing and recessing. The tool slide has an automatic movement which is actuated by holding the knurled ring either by hand or by a rod which can be screwed into the ring. The head is designed for right-hand operatic Facing slide movement is from centre outwards. After completing the facing work, return the slide is to be done manually with an Alien key. The tool holder has two tool positions for use on different work diameters. While boring, the slide or the tool holder is to be locked by means of lock screw to make it vibration-free. But this lock screw should positively be released while facing.

202 Boring Heads
203 Boring Heads

These widely known ELMECA 202 & 203 Series Boring Heads are readily adapted on many machines. An important feature of these heads is the threaded back which can be fitted with interchangeable Shanks. All Elmeea boring heads have a clearly graduated lead screw of heat treated tool steel with threads ground from solid. AFTER HARDENING.

Since, space is usually an important factor, the overall length of These Boring Heads is held to minimum. This feature has the further advantage of contributing to greater tool rigidity which in turn assures a smoother, more accurately bored hole. The generous bearing surface of these heads makes possible heavy roughing cuts, and more accura finish cuts.

Another important feature is the large adjustment range. This often eliminates off set bars and special set ups. Since the graduation are widely spaced and easy to read, adjustments of 0.0005 and less are easily made. All parts subject to wear are hardened to guarantee long life and continued accuracy.

200 Provided withone fixed cam for feed rate and one adjustable cam the same. Automatic end release and rapid return by hand.

300 Provided with one fixed cam and two adjustable cam for Feed rate with automatic end release and rapid return by hand.

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